Dried Flower Yarrow


Achillea spp.

Flat umbels of small mustard-yellow or white, red or pink dried flowers with a more open appearance.

Perennial Herb

Common Name(s) Achilia
Height 24 - 48 inches.
Cultivar Gold Plate, Coronation Gold, Parker's Variety
Propagation By seed at 70°F, do not cover (seed needs light to germinate).

By root division in spring.
Cultivation Full sun to partial shade in well drained, average to poor soil.

A handful of bonemeal in May will promote growth.
Disease Control rust and powdery mildew with sulfur dust.
Harvest When yarrow is in full bloom, feel it and on the day the umbel changes from a soft to a stiff texture is the day you should cut.
Drying Hang yarrow upside down in dry, dark, open, airy place.
Related Achilia ptarmica var. the Pearl, double white dried flower.

Achilia millefolium var. roseum, dense heads of rosy-pink dried flowers.
Easily grown and drought tolerant.

Have been used for centuries in medicines.

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