dried fower english statice

English Statice

Limonium sinuatum

Cluster of little straw-textured brightly colored dried flowers. Natural blue, lavender, rose/pink, soft lavender, violet, and white colors.


Common Name(s) Sinuata, Annual Statice, American Statice
Height 18 - 24 inches.
Propagation By seed at 70°F.
Cultivation Full sun in average soil.
Harvest Cut English Statice when flowers are just emerging.
Drying Hang english statice upside down in dry, dark, open, airy place.
The colored part that most people refer to as 'the flower' is actually a calyx which, is a collective term for all the sepals of the flower. This a unique structure in that the sepals ((i.e. you are looking at sepals when you look at a closed bud) are the 'pretty' part of the flower, the petals are very small, white and inside the calyx.

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