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Brenda O.

Saturday, March 09, 2002
Subject: rose arrangements
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Have started a hobby that is becoming a business. After drying my roses, I have designed topiary trees that are beautiful but moths are showing up. Anything special to prevent these and how do I maintain the color in the roses longer.

Should I spray for insects around my dried inventory that I have stored in the garage (my workroom).

When will we see the virtual workshops on your web site. Love the information you present.


Sunday, March 10, 2002
RE: rose arrangements
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Roses, peonies and other 'dense' flower heads are notorious for bringing in insect problems. The best thing to do after drying the florals completely is to freeze the product for three to five days. Just place them in a plastic bag and then place the bag and florals in a freezer. All insects and eggs will be killed.

We do not recommend spraying anything, just because we are not very big on being around pesticides. We have three children and would prefer not to expose them (or ourselves) to something that would be regrettable later in life.

Regarding color loss in roses: I am assuming you are drying them completely in total darkness. This will enable you to begin with the maximum amount of color. Once dry roses are still susceptible to fading. They must be kept out of direct sun light. There are varieties that are more prone to fading then others, so experiment.

Hope to take more pictures of our operation each year. To be honest it is very difficult because when we are working, we are working. There are very few 'free' moments during our season for pictures. I know they are important and we will try to get better about documenting our life on the farm. Maybe I will give that after school responsibility to our son and he will become our official photographer.

Good luck with the roses.

D. Scott

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