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Jen Young

Thursday, December 19, 2002
Subject: Wedding arrangements
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I had a question as to how durable dried flowers would be to use as bouquets for a wedding ceremony. Do the flowers break apart if the were bumped or accidently dropped? Is there anything to spray on them to keep them more intact? Thank-you for answering my questions.


Tuesday, January 07, 2003
RE: Wedding arrangements
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It is actually becoming quite popular to have weddings using strictly dried flowers. Some drieds are defiantly more fragile then others so you must select wisely.

No, I do not believe that there is a product available that 'actually' works. You can spray the flowers with hair spray (get a kind that is made for humidity) and that may help.

A thought (if you are planning the wedding but if it is during the 'flower season') You might consider using fresh flowers that dry (are they called fresh dried flowers??). That way you will have the vibrancy of fresh during the ceremony. Then dry each piece and obtain the longevity that dried flowers give you.

Hope this helps.

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