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laurie zabrosky

Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Subject: acroclinum disease
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I grow an acre of assorted dried flowers that I have been selling at our local farmers market for over 12 years. Along with this comes the usual ups and downs with pests and diseases that I can normally identify and deal with. But one simple crop that baffles me is the acroclinum. Some years these daisies are perfect and abundant, and other years they begin to die off and get twisted after putting out only a few flowers. I don't know what this is or how to treat it. Any ideas?


Sunday, December 15, 2002
RE: acroclinum disease
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Several questions:

Do you make your own seed?
If not, do you buy from the same source?
Are you planting the Acroclinum in the same area each year?
What is your soil type?

Possible explanation:

When anyone uses the term 'twisted', my first impression is actual unusual growth pattern which is very diagnostic a viral infection. This would suggest bad seed. That is why I am curious about your source.

Another possible explanation is nematodes but it does not make sense in that some years you have a problem and in other years, you do not. If you were planting in the same place every year then the symptom would be consistent each year.

I would suggest that in a year that you have a good crop, harvest your own seed and then do so from then on. In addition, I would do crop rotations. Even on an acre, this can be beneficial.

Hopes this helps,

The Flower Man.

laurie zabrosky

Monday, December 16, 2002
RE: acroclinum disease
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Thanks so much for your suggestions. I use seed from many different sources, and I store anything I don't use under refrigeration, like all my seeds. I have a feeling it may be more like the viral disease you mentioned, since it seems to affect all the separate colors going on down the line. I have never considered saving my own seed from the daisies since I usually pick everything and have really never noticed the seeds themselves. Maybe I'll try that and will definitely move away from the area that I grew them on this year. (even though they were a few rows away from the previous year's site). If by chance it is nematodes, what do you suggest for their control? Thanks again, Laurie Zabrosky

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