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Sunday, November 10, 2002
Subject: Shatter Proof
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Hello, I am Thai(south-east asia). I found this forum from serch engine. This a good place for dried flower information.,and I hope I get some suggestion from all.
Now,I try to dry red rose by use silica sand with microwave oven.(I pick the rose in silica and turn on microwave oven about 2 min.) It more darker (turn black). I try to use orange+red rose..It better, but not so good colour. I found the shatterproof in website.."it keep colour and shape,..no need silica and microwave .. only on rose" It's really?..and I would like to know..Which methode better for rose? (air,silica etc.,) Thank you very much.


Thursday, November 14, 2002
RE: Shatter Proof
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First of all, it is important to note that not all roses dry well. This is very cultivar specific so, you can have one red cultivar that will dry beautifully under ideal conditions and you can dry another (different) red cultivar and get terrible results.

Given that distinct difference, the best way to dry a rose is probably using a freeze-drier. Best here would be defined as ending up with a rose that mimics a fresh rose the closest. Now the draw back is you must have access to a freeze-dry machine and the cost is quite prohibitive.

The best alternative to freeze-drying in my opinion is air-drying, actually silica will work just as well (it too is air-drying). I would not recommend using the microwave. Make sure that you cut the rose when it is still immature, it has not opened all the way. In addition, it is very important to dry them in total darkness. This will help maintain the most vibrant color possible.

Hope this helps.

D. Scott

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