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deb chanady

Thursday, September 26, 2002
Subject: shipping floral arrangements
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i never actually shipped an arrangement this way,
but i did use it for transportation from my home to a show. i used a cardboard box, and hat pins.
the may also be called t-pins. they are fairly long, and if you stick them in from the bottom around the wreath it keeps it from shifting.
to avoid getting poked by the pins you could
add small pieces of styrofoam to the tips.
add a small piece of tape to the "t" side so the pins don't work their way out. hope this is helpful to someone.


Tuesday, October 01, 2002
RE: shipping floral arrangements
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Great suggestion with regard to the "T" pins. I just transported two wreaths as gifts and used floral wire (heavy gague) that allowed me to pierce through the bottom of a cardboard flat and push back through so I could tie it off both top and bottom. It was completely stationary.

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