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Sunday, September 22, 2002
Subject: Storing dried flowers
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I have a few bunches of dried roses, peonies,
goldenrod, nigella and Queen Anne's lace left
over from making bouquets for friends and
relatives. I'd like to keep the extra bunches for
future use, and am wondering whether my
third floor attic would be okay. It is dark
(windows covered) and not heated during our
central Wisconsin winters. Would the cold
affect the dried flowers in any way? And
should I hang the bunches upside down?
Covered? I'd like to make a few more
bouquets as gifts in a few months and don't
want them to lose their color. Thanks.


Sunday, September 22, 2002
RE: Storing dried flowers
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There is not a problem with the cold at all, our three 1860 barns are not heated and we here in Western New York have been known to have some 'winter' too.

The more airy it is the better. If it gets very dry up there, it will not be good for the florals. You can hang them, which is actually ideal but more work. It would be fine to wrap them in a little newspaper and simply place them in an unsealed cardboard box. You will just have to 'fluff' them out a little next time you use them, which is not the case if you hang them.

Happy storing,

D. Scott Demmin

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