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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
Subject: Gratitude
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Another couple and we came from PA this year to attend your Open HOuse, and in spite of the welcome rain, we appreciated the simple and well-organized tour; but most of all the humbleness and willingness that Scott and his family portrayed in the sharing of his gifts and skills to all. Thanks to all.

Question: In using the #4 preserving method in the preservation of flowers with the glycerin, do you just put the stem into the prepared mixture or must the whole flower be covered - and for how long?


Monday, September 09, 2002
RE: Gratitude
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It really depends on the floral material being used. For greens (cedar, boxwood, etc.) you submerge the entire bunch. For Eucalyptus, English Statice, Baby's Breath, etc. you make a fresh cut on the stem and place it in the solution thus incorporating the mix via transpiration.

Again, duration depends on the material being used and on the specific weather at that time. For example if you are doing Baby's Breath and the weather is encouraging transpiration (warm, sunny with a breeze) then it will only take a few days. Thicker material and less encouraging weather would lead to a longer duration of treatment.

The best way to learn is by simply doing.

Hope this gives you a better idea.

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