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Mrs. AB

Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Subject: Spray dye
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I have a large dried leaf wreath in my well-lit living room and the leaves are not as green as they used to be. I've heard there is a colored spray dye you can use. I was wondering where I could find some of that.


Thursday, August 01, 2002
RE: Spray dye
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Can not really help you with the spray dye, we do not use them. I have heard that there are sprays you can buy from any of the big craft stores. The problem you will have is discriminating between the leaves and any of the other florals you have in the piece.

In addition, a spray dye (or paint) is a surface treatment that gives a 'spray' look. A better approach in coloring drieds is to dip dye them which is a absorption process and gives a more natural finished look.

You may want to purchase new leaves and just replace the old leaves. We have dyed Lemon Leaf a natural basil color. The dye being 'stead-fast' would mean that it would not fade over a greater amount of time.

Not sure if I helped,

D. Scott

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