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Saturday, July 20, 2002
Subject: Poppies, Legal?
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Is it legal to grow poppies for dried arangements in the U.S. ?


Monday, July 22, 2002
RE: Poppies, Legal?
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Good question.

There are many different species of poppies, some of the more common ones being Oriental Poppy, (Papaver orientale), Iceland Poppy (Papaver alpinun) and the Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum). The first two are perennials and the last one is an annual. Obviously, your question pertains to the latter.

I really do not know the 'real' answer. Actually, I do not think there is a real answer. Obviously you can not grow them in mass for illegal reasons but to grow them strictly for ornamental reasons in a garden can not be a crime. I do know that the government did ask all the seed companies to stop supplying Papaver somniferum seed to the public. This personally saddens me because it is one of my very favorite fresh flowers and I think the very best ornamental seedpod.

A little editorial:

Not to say that the war on drugs is "a simple war", but I often think that efforts are put in the wrong direction. We can never stop the supply of drugs into this country. We really need to focus on the 'demand'. The simple truth is that there are Americans that want to use illegal drugs. The question is why?

I truly believe that if we raise children to be intelligent, thoughtful, spiritual creatures that the decision not to use any form of drugs (alcohol included) will be made easily.

Therefore, the question really is how to raise intelligent, thoughtful, spiritual people. This is something that my wife and I work on every single day (with our own children and with others that routinely enter our lives).

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Poppies, Legal?