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Lori Seaborg

Friday, July 05, 2002
Subject: Drying flowers in humidity
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Here in NW Florida, there is rarely a day without humidity. Even in our home, you can feel the humidity. Can I dry flowers in this environment? I have an insulated-but-not-a/c-or-heated laundry room that would be perfect for drying flowers, but I'm wondering about the humidity in that room. Also, you mention keeping the flowers in a dark location. Is it okay if the light is on for the occasional load of laundry? I dry herbs every day, but indoors and on racks in dark locations. I don't usually hang them like I would need to do for a flower.


Wednesday, July 17, 2002
RE: Drying flowers in humidity
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The laundry room sounds fine, occasional artificial light will not hurt the drying process. You will want air flower though, especially under humid conditions so, do not close the room up tight.

Actually, a/c is good for drying flowers in humid conditions because the a/c acts as a dehumidifier. Which would be another suggestion, using a dehumidifier. You could also use a small fan to help move the air.

Good luck,

D. Scott Demmin
Dried Flowers Direct

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