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Monday, June 24, 2002
Subject: Hydrangea
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I have planted hydrangea that have come from a greenhouse after Easter. Some are 5 years old and they get half sun & plenty of water, the problem is they never bloom. They are to get pink flowers. We live in southern Pa. What do they need to bloom.
Thanks for the help.
Sue @ futureviewflowers.com


Sunday, June 30, 2002
RE: Hydrangea
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The partial sun is not the problem, that is actually one of the 'secrets' of obtaining the best looking pinky-mauve flowers for drying (I am assuming you have Pee-Gee). Maybe you are fertilizing it? Certain perennials will not flower if you give them too much food, they just produce fantastic vegetative growth (Wisteria is in this class).

All of my reference material is inaccessible at this time so I can not offer you more.


D. Scott Demmin

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