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Wednesday, June 05, 2002
Subject: Lunaria
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I have great bushes of Lunaria but I cannot figure out the proper time to harvest the branches for drying. Do I wait for the seeds or the seed pods to get brown? Do I let them just start to brown or turn completly brown? Something I read said to wait for the coppery color? I am very confused. help please.


Wednesday, June 05, 2002
RE: Lunaria
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Lunaria (also know as: Honesty, Honesty Plant, Money Plant, Satin-flower, Moonwort)

Let the seed pod completely develop (i.e. turn brown). Then you remove the outer brown, husk-like membrane revealing the satiny, silver lined, flat pod. You can actually pick it earlier but removal of the outer membrane is much more difficult 'peeling'.

Good luck.

D. Scott Demmin
Dried Flowers Direct

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