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Saturday, May 25, 2002
Subject: Keeping stored florals dust & dirt free...
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What should I use to keep dried florals clean in
storage? I usually store them upright in baskets
after they are dried, to save hanging space. But
I don't want them to get dusty. What's the best
way to keep them looking clean and bright?


Saturday, May 25, 2002
RE: Keeping stored florals dust & dirt free...
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The very best place to store dried flowers is to hang them upside down in a completely dark environment. Now this is not always possible so, we recommend storing them in a cardboard box which will prevent dust and more importantly light. This will keep your dried flowers both clean and bright for a long time. Keep in mind that you would not want to place this box in an extreme environment (e.g. a damp basement or incredible dry room). A garage or closet will work fine.

We do not recommend storing them upright. Have you ever noticed on a real humid day that sometimes the petals or stems will droop? Well if you have them laying flat or, better yet up side down, the will keep their nice shape.

Good Luck!

D. Scott

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