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Mrs. C

Thursday, May 09, 2002
Subject: Cleaning dried flowers
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Hope you can help. Can you advise what to clean dry flowers with? I found a product by 'Botanical Science' Professional Plant Care Products based in San Bernadino, CA.92423, in a Lakeland Ltd (UK) catalogue which works well Lakeland no longer import it to the UK. I can't find the company 'Botanical Science' on the net and I thought if anyone knows what to clean them with, you will. It's dust more than dirt I want to get rid of. The Botanical Science product called 'Simply Silk' is not oil based and the dust simply drips off. I'd be grateful for any advise you can give!


Thursday, May 09, 2002
RE: Cleaning dried flowers
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Our first choice is a 'real' feather duster. An alternative can be a hair blow dryer but obviously you have to be a little careful with excessive heat.

Hope this helps,

D. Scott

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