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Jeri Wilson

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Subject: transporting dried flower arrangement
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My friend and I made a dried flower arrangement to give as a gift to another friend. The dried flower arrangement needs to be mailed or shipped to another state. The flowers, of course, are very fragile, and we can't figure out how to ship the arrangement and have it arrive in the same condition as we sent it in. Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Thank you


Tarah J. Deakyne

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
RE: transporting dried flower arrangement
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I have some expereince with mailing arrangements. I sell arrangements on ebay and have to mail them when they sell. Packing will depend on what type of arrangement you need to mail as to how you will do it. I have mailed wreaths, a swag, a basket arrangement, and a topiary. For wreaths and swags it is pretty similiar. Choose a box that the height and width is larger than the item. Now I choose several spots in the box and make pairs of holes on the box by poking a pencil through the box. Now feed through some wire/jute/string etc. through your holes - one piece per pair of holes. Then put your wreath/swag in and with each string feed it throught the grapvine/eucalyptus/etc of the underside of you wreath catching at least 1 branch or more. Do this in several spots to support you wreath. Now what ever direction the box is tured in transit it will be secure and will not bump into anything so it will it cut down on shedding. The goal is for it not to touch any of the side of the box, but if it shifts a bit it will be ok. Also for extra caution you can put some tape over the outside of the box where the holes are with the string behind fed through to ensure that the string doesn't catch on anything and snap.

Now for a basket it is simliar. Get a box that will fit your basket snugly if you can, but will not crush your flowers. Crunch newpaper around the basket and have it fit snugly and then do the stfing tying method securing the handle to the sides of the box.

A topiary is simliar to the basket. Crunch paper around the pot, and tie string from the trunk of the topairy to the sides of the box.

I hope this helps you! I have had many sucesses useing these methods and they are not original. My grandparents told me how to do the wreath from what they learned from Martha Stewart.



Wednesday, March 20, 2002
RE: transporting dried flower arrangement
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Tarah's advice is very good. This is pretty much how we ship our finished items. On wiring, we wire the items to a separate piece of cardboard (a pad, which is the exact dimensions of the inside of the box). We find it a little easier and quicker to wire to a pad outside of the box and then you do not have to worry about the wire being caught with something from UPS (why Tarah suggests taping the wire).

For wreaths, we also score a piece of cardboard in two places and fold it to make a triangle (if you were to look at it from the top). This is inserted into the center of the box, which insures that the box will maintain its shape.

As Tarah stated, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you do not want the item to move/shift in the box once it is packed. UPS is going to shake these boxes and damage will occur if there is movement on the inside.

Good luck,

D. Scott


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